BNL Land Use Institutional Controls

Land Use Institutional Controls

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Welcome to the Brookhaven National Laboratory Land Use and Institutional Controls website. The purpose of this website is to provide centralized, integrated access to information pertaining to BNL remediation areas that are subject to land use and institutional controls. It includes brief information on each of the BNL contaminated sites and facilities, their cleanup status, contaminants or concern, and maps depicting lan use and land use restrictions. It defines the scope of activities intended within each contaminated area, so that stewards and stakeholders have a clear understanding of restrictions and stewardship responsibilities. This website replaces what was informally referred to at BNL as the "soil contamination map".

The Land Use Controls Management Plan describes in detail the Department of Energy's commitment to prevent exposure to environmental contamination and to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the remedies conducted at BNL through land use planning and other controls.